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Special Events

The key to a successful special event requires attention to detail. Preparing your event with the correct quantity and type of sanitation facilities is critical to a successful event. Extensive research has proven that guests spend more time and money at outdoor events with proper sanitary facilities readily available. The selection and placement of portable restrooms, handwash sinks, and luxury comfort stations will impact the attendance, profitability, and public review regarding your social event.

Special Events preparations begin by evaluating the following:

  • Number of expected attendees
  • Duration of event
  • Consumption of food and / or beverages
  • Service requirements to maintain clean sanitary conditions

Our team of Special Event Advisors will work with you to plan a successful and memorable event. We can help you plan and review logistics for proper sanitation facilities, placement, recommended services, fence installation, and event pickups. Temporary fence is available for proper securing of your surrounding event. Our reliability and consistency has earned us the reputation of delivering premium service to the Special Event industry.

For an expert evaluation of your temporary facility needs please call us at 800-850-8871.

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