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The productivity of your work force relies on adequate sanitation facilities. The safety and privacy or your construction depends on the proper temporary fence installation. So Cal Sanitation has a variety of products and a flexibility of services that offers any temporary construction site a solution. Regardless of the size of your employment work force or job site radius, So Cal Sanitation provides the highest level of timely service. We maintain modern sanitary equipment designed to meet the unique specifications of the construction industry. We provide restrooms that are both rugged and durable. Units may come equipped with necessary construction accessories required as your construction site develops.

Our experienced staff can help you determine the proper number of portable restrooms and service frequencies for each job site. We can also guide each project with the proper perimeter fence to keep your job site safe and efficient.

Common usage guide to assess approximate sanitary equipment.

  • 1 standard restroom serviced once per week can handle up to 10 workers on a 40 hour work week.
  • 1 two-station hand wash sink is required for every two standard restrooms serviced once per week.

Please call us at 800-850-8871 to better evaluate your construction job site.

So Cal Sanitation has the resources and equipment to meet all temporary site service needs. Our Mission makes So Cal Sanitation the leader in portable sanitation and temporary fence.

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